Geometry of
impeccable style

Every interior has been created as a separate world in itself,
as attractive and unique as the Russian soul.

Pierre-Yves Rochon

Interior Designer

Experience the very essence of luxury living in interiors designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Moscow is created by legendary French interior design maestro Pierre-Yves Rochon. Pierre-Yves Rochon imagined three interior worlds: contemporary, transitional and classical, each with his personally curated details and subtle finishes. The Residents will be enveloped in a true sense of luxury, elegance and serenity no matter which design scheme is chosen.

Framed by soaring pillars the marble chequerboard floor glistens in The Residences’ lobby.
The opulent lobby interiors feature intricate cornicing, wood panelling, and spectacular lighting.
Light floods in through floor-to-ceiling windows to fill the dramatic lobby space.

Classic collection

Only eternal classicism is able to shine throughout the centuries. The classic interiors of the residences reflect the exquisite luxury of European palaces. Strict columns and elegant, ornamental crystal walls, natural wood, light silk and marble work in harmony to immerse residents in Pierre-Yves Rochon’s world of elegant luxury, where every detail is special and carefully considered.

The Classic collection’s entrance gallery mixes strong lines and timeless marble work.
The expansive Classic collection dining and living room features ornamental crystal white walls, natural wood and light silks.
The Classic collection combines warm tones and rich fabrics for a soothing bedroom retreat.

Transitional collection

The Transitional collection is designed in a combination of modern and classic style. The neutral palette of calm blue and gray shades softens the delicate beige, and the mirrored surfaces reflect all the accents of the interior, forming an unforgettable impression. Textures are at the heart of this collection: suede, chenille and leather interiors combine with metal and glass to create a laconic space with modern furnishings.

Combining contemporary and classical design, the Transitional collection welcomes with a neutral palette of calm blues and greys.
Detailed coving and muted colors create a stylish entertaining space in the expansive Transitional collection living and dining room.
The Transitional collection bedroom suite blends textures of suede, chenille, leather, wood and mirrored glass for a sophisticated sanctuary.

Contemporary collection

In seeking the new and in embracing trends, we embody the mood of the harmony of colors and forms. Modern art is evident in the functionality of every element of the interior, taking on a special significance. Curves meet geometric lines. Soft, tactile textiles meet dramatic pop-art accents. And the serene smoothness of natural stone sits bathed in bright light. Here, contemporary is anything but predictable.

The Contemporary collection entrance gallery embraces the modern, with geometric lines and rich hues.
Muted colors combine with striking pop art accents and concealed lighting in the Contemporary collection living and dining room.
Sleek lines, tactile leather and golden tones create a serene haven in the Contemporary collection bedroom suite.